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Mobile Services

Providing specialized technology and healthcare staffing for your medical facility

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  • Are resources at your hospital or clinic stretched to the limit?
  • Struggling to find specialized imaging equipment and technologists?

As a rural hospital, it’s often challenging to find an affordable way to provide specialized imaging services for your patients. As a result, you may have to refer patients to other hospitals for their exam. Patients are inconvenienced and your facility loses a revenue opportunity.

Health Enterprises has the solution.

With specialists trained in Echo Ultrasound and MRI, we provide access to specialized staff and technology so patient studies can be performed on a scheduled basis, allowing you to provide care at your hospital.

Call us today and get the specialized staff you need to serve your patients!

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Why Health Enterprises Mobile Services?

You want to serve your patients where they are, not refer them elsewhere for care. Our mobile health care services provide access to specialized staff and technology. Since 1986, our mobile services team has offered technologies and specialized staff for hospitals and clinics in a 5-state geographical area. Current services include Echo Ultrasound and PRN MRI Staffing.

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Is your hospital facing these three consequences of staffing shortages?

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    5 Ways Mobile Healthcare Can Help Rural Hospitals

      We’ve partnered with Health Enterprises and their Mobile MRI services for over 20 years. They make implementing their services easy, and always communicated clearly about any special needs or necessary changes they had. The staff is excellent to work with and bring the experience necessary to work independently while following our facility’s guidelines and policies. Their capable technologists are some of the finest I have ever worked with. They have always honored their commitment to our facility, and I know I can always count on them to do the best they can for our patients and our facility.

      A Health Enterprise client

      Our Services

      Need in-house staffing and assistance? Our highly trained specialists can provide quality care for a variety of needs. Our staffing options include:

      PRN services
      Echo Ultrasound

      Want to access specialized staff for your clinic or hospital?

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