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Purchasing is an everyday part of being a business owner. But it’s hard to navigate finding the best prices, or having to trust suppliers who don’t understand your business needs – and that’s where a GPO can help. 

What is a GPO, anyway? 

A group purchasing organization (GPO) exists for one simple reason: to help businesses gain buying power through purchasing similar products. As multiple businesses join the GPO, purchasing power increases, and the GPO is able to negotiate better prices for members. 

Whether you’re a hospital, business, university, or another industry where purchasing goods and services is a major part of your day, here are 5 ways a GPO can help your organization thrive: 

1. GPOs save money

When you participate in higher volume purchases, it can all add up to greater cost savings. WIth your free membership with HE Co-op, you can leverage group purchasing power to save on goods and services. 

2. GPOs save time

A GPO can bring you the best prices and vendors, and compares prices for you so you don’t have to do it alone. Our experts will examine market trends to determine the best time to purchase, and assist you in complying with purchasing rules and regulations. 

3. GPOs get you educated

Purchasing can be a complicated process – and you have to stay up on the latest trends in order for your business to stay competitive. With HE Co-op, you can get access to exclusive educational content and network with other companies in your GPO. You can even learn where your business can save with our free spend analysis. 

4. GPOs help you make informed decisions

Stop the guesswork, and make data-driven decisions that help you increase supply chain efficiency. With HE Co-op, you get experts who have been in the business since 1983. 

5. GPOs give you peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about getting substandard goods and unreliable systems. WIth a GPO, you can standardize your orders and processes, so you get products and services when you need them. Get high-quality goods and services for your organization, and make your cash flow more predictable, all while limiting budget surprises. 

Want to find out if HE Co-op is right for you? Contact us today and learn more about how we can help!

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