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Healthcare is a continuously evolving field that has to meet the needs of patients in all sorts of circumstances. But with a mobile health unit, your hospital can serve patients at your local hospital and keep patients in your community. 

Check out the five ways mobile healthcare services can help your rural hospital: 

Reduce waiting time

Referring patients to hospitals can lead to a delay in care, with some referral times causing patients to wait between 7-10 days for care. Mobile healthcare services can give patients access to care right from their communities, and patients can also receive nearly immediate feedback and results on-site. 

Provides better healthcare access to patients

Mobile healthcare services can provide care for patients who may not be able to travel to other areas to access specialized care – like nursing home residents or individuals without means of transportation. Contracting with a mobile healthcare service provider also gives you access to specialized technicians, instead of standardized, cookie-cutter care. 

Shared costs among hospitals

Mobile health units are typically contracted to serve multiple hospitals throughout the week. This means your hospital can share costs rather than spending millions on an MRI machine for your facility. You’ll save money, too – according to Mobile Health Map, the average return on investment for mobile health clinics is 12:1, meaning you save $12 for every $1 spent. 

Helps save space

Smaller hospitals often face space constraints within their facilities. With a mobile health unit, your hospital can provide access to care right outside your facility in a mobile trailer, freeing up space for other essential services. 

Increases coverage for underserved areas

Rural communities can struggle to access healthcare, with one in four hospitals at risk of closing in 2020. When you bring a mobile health unit to communities, you can help patients get care right from their communities. 

Need a mobile MRI unit for your rural hospital? Book a call with Health Enterprises, and start providing your patients with the care they need!

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