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Increase cost savings through group purchasing

Get access to top-tier suppliers and purchasing expertise for your business.

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Get a supply chain partner who cares about your success.

As a member-driven group purchasing organization (GPO), HE Co-op partners with national GPO Premier to help a wide range of businesses and organizations leverage their purchasing power.
With HE Co-op, businesses can:
  • Access products and services at the best prices
  • Reduce supply chain expenses
  • Gain cost efficiencies
  • Improve their bottom line
There’s zero cost to join and no catches or hidden fees, ever.
Let us show you the value we deliver.
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Stop paying more than you should for supplies and services.

As a member-driven group purchasing organization (GPO), HE Co-op partners with national GPO Premier to help a wide range of businesses and organizations leverage their purchasing power.
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Ready to save with HE Co-op?

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Email us and receive a free analysis of your past purchases. We’ll identify exactly how and where you can save with us.

2. Apply to join (it’s free)

We make it easy to join, so you can focus on running your business.

3. Get the products you need

You’ll have personalized assistance and access to over 2.5 million products and services.

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We partner with Premier, one of the largest GPOs in the United States.
  • Over $69 billion in combined purchasing power
  • Average savings of 10 percent on your purchase.
  • $100 million saved in supply chain expenses
  • 3,100+ negotiated contracts


Why HE Co-op?

We are a member-driven organization that strives to provide personalized assistance so members can achieve their strategic objectives. Our members access educational and networking opportunities through peer roundtables and webinars, and our staff are experts at analyzing data to identify the best savings opportunities available.

  • Help finding the contracts and products that provide the best savings opportunities for your business
  • Customized data analytics and recommendations to help guide your long-term procurement strategies
  • Educational opportunities to maximize your membership and see how your purchasing efforts stack up against the competition

How does a GPO work?

Savings opportunities for your business

Premier’s extensive portfolio allows for significant savings opportunities in nearly every aspect of your business:

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Product & Service Categories

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HR, Finance, and Staffing

We put you in connection with regional and national companies that can assist with staffing, AP audit services, billing & debt collection, credit card services, background checks, marketing, and many other services.

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Employee Discounts

Being a member of the HE/Premier GPO connection gives your employees the ability to access discounted products and services for their personal use. Popular employee discounts used include cellular phone plans, office supplies, and rental cars.

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Foodservice Distribution

HE Co-op and Premier have partnered with US Foods, one of the largest food distributors in the U.S., to provide food distribution and nutrition services to help control your food costs.

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Medical / Surgical Supplies

Our dedicated staff has the expertise to identify cost-saving contract opportunities within all areas of medical and surgical supplies and services.

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Office Supplies & Furniture

Partnered with Premier, we contract with the largest office supply companies, as well as local, well-respected companies, to offer the widest range of products for your work space or office at the best prices available.

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Housekeeping & Janitorial

We put you in connection with industry-leading janitorial suppliers and distributors, allowing you to access best pricing no matter the type of business or industry you belong to.

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